Oh yes! Exam is next week

Exam week is on next week and the week after! That means, its showtime for me starting next week. I declare victory over my exams right now! ;)  On the bright side, summer break is coming up (Australian) for a good 3 months! For now, at least for the 1st month of my break, is already filled up with a weekend trip to KL (again..haha...2nd one this year) for a Christmas production & of course shopping and makan as well. Spontaneous cell group camp, junior high school camp, and not to forget CHRISTMAS and year end cum new year eve PARTAY!


Elephant Meets Elmo

I have finally changed my blog name from 'Borneo Pygmy Elephant' to 'Elephant Meets Elmo'. Haha. I've used the former for so long, for about 7 years! Woah! That's a pretty long period. I started this blog when I was 15 when most of my friends were actively blogging with the ancient blog called 'Xanga' and later on blogspot. Anyways, yes, I have changed to my blog name to be the same as my tumblr. Even my tumblr has just turned 3 years old recently :)


Young & Free

I think it's safe to say that I literally grew up with Hillsong worship albums! I suppose, Hillsong need not much introduction as it is a church that is known by worldwide Christian communities.

Apart from Hillsong, there were Hillsong United and Hillsong Kids and even the more recent one Hillsong Chapel. However, Hillsong has a brand new movement called Hillsong Young and Free!
This week, Hillsong Y&F has released their debut album 'We Are Young'
I must say I really love this brand new album of theirs! Although, there are new album  also from Matt Redman (Your Grace Finds Me) and Phil Whickham (The Ascension) were released recently as well!

Go get em' @ https://hillsong.com/en/youngandfree/